A Bafflingly Lazy, Ugly, and Repetitive Mess From The Pokémon Enterprise


Pokémon Rumble Rush is so unbelievably lazy, ugly, and dull that we’re genuinely baffled that The Pokémon Enterprise gave it the go ahead. We know it is been in improvement hell for some time but actually it should really have stayed there, as it gives certainly absolutely nothing to any person unfortunate adequate to come across it.

The simple premise is that you are exploring a series of islands searching for Pokémon. For some bizarre explanation that requires dropping a feather onto a bunch of low-res trees to uncover a Pokémon. You will then send your personal captured Pokémon to this location to beat up hordes of identical Pokémon, hoping to catch 1.

Every Pokémon has a CP rating, which information how highly effective they’ll be in combat. This is an significant statistic to spend focus to, as you will need to have to beat a series of bosses to progress, and you can only face a boss when you have identified a Pokémon with a sufficiently higher CP rating.

Now, the only way to get feathers is to beat a boss level, so you are going to have to go back and grind earlier levels to discover a sufficiently highly effective Pokémon so that you can take on the boss. That wouldn’t be such a terrible issue if the combat method wasn’t so painfully dull and repetitive.

Pokémon Rumble Rush is Bafflingly Lazy on Every single Single Level

You just tap on the screen to unleash an attack. Most of the time this instakills any Pokémon unfortunate adequate to get in its path, so there’s no challenge there. You will face a mini-boss at the finish of a stage that may well take up to 5 hits to bring down, but there’s no actual challenge as they do such low harm anyway.

Apart from, you can swipe in any path to dodge out of the way of attacks, which are all telegraphed. If you do finish up failing a level, it’ll be mainly because you place the telephone down out of boredom/disgust/mainly because you had been busy – in no way mainly because of any actual challenge.

As you full levels you will also full a series of extremely basic challenges, which reward you with gems. We assume this is the premium currency in Pokémon Rumble Rush, but cannot invest it ideal now mainly because the in-game shop is permanently closed.

Aside from the laughable single player grind there’s a tournament method, which we presume is for PvP. We say presume as it is not truly offered ideal now. That begs the quite actual query: why has this game bothered to launch at all?

The Tournament Program and Shop is Closed For Enterprise at Launch – Not a Very good Sign

Not only is it dull, repetitive, and thoughts-numbingly effortless but it is clearly not even completed. All the things about it just screams “placeholder”. The low-res forest background, the not at all cute Pokémon style, and the awful PS1 era 3D visuals. It appears like a developer created a proof of idea for a Pokémon game.

We can only assume that The Pokémon Enterprise has just chucked it out in an try to recoup improvement fees. Very good luck with that!


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