Valve reportedly functioning on new project Citadel


Valve’s got a new project known as Citadel in the operates.

According to a video from Tyler McVicker of Valve News Network (under) Citadel is a separate Supply two project, alongside other games applying the engine like Dota two and Half-Life VR, as properly as Left four Dead three which is reportedly in improvement.

There is no confirmation on what it may perhaps be, even though components that point towards initial-particular person stealth, a leading-view minimap and AI pathfinding have been identified. McVicker claims Citadel is not the VR title teased by Valve earlier this year.

Valve began producing games once more with Artifact which launched in November 2018. In spite of seeing initial good results Valve’s title saw a considerable drop off in its player base.

Valve’s new project may perhaps be one more Half-Life game, but McVicker points out there is no confirmation that this is the case.

“Upon additional investigation Citadel is really an completely diverse Supply two project. The only other Supply two projects are Dota two, HLVR and Left four Dead three,” mentioned McVicker

“What specifically is this game? No concept, there is no actual information and facts to go off of. The only strings we have in relation to Citadel have to do with AI bot navigation, stealth and a leading-down minimap.”


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