UMI – Beta Sign Up


UMI is a superb hunting non-violent competitive multiplayer arena game that swaps guns for inflatables and Gladiators-style pugil sticks as players do battle in a giant waterpark!

At the moment in improvement by A further Coffee, UMI aims to provide a lighthearted multiplayer expertise akin to a summer season getaway at your favourite waterpark. There are a number of game modes, all taking location in a massive waterpark named UMILAND, exactly where you can discover, hang out with buddies and even invest in your personal inflatable home in a massive city of inflatables.

There’s a assortment of distinctive game modes in UMI, but the key one particular entails teams of players finishing objectives and working with Gladiators-style Pugil sticks to knock their opponents into the sea. The massive inflatable maps guarantee a lot of verticality and lots of distinctive techniques for players to obtain their objectives.

Aside from Splatoon, competitive multiplayer games commonly fall back on the age old trope of fragging your opponents with guns, so it’ll be quite refreshing to go to UMI’s glorious non-violent inflatable waterpark. Sign up for the Beta to join in the inflatable enjoyable!

Sign Up For The UMI Beta Right here


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