The Witcher Show gets its 1st Trailer


The Witcher Show gets its first Trailer

The Witcher Netflix show has just received its 1st trailer, and it is tough not to get excited about the prospect at this point. Even though the show’s been producing headlines ever given that it was 1st announced, it is also been followed by a cloud of doubt of some sort.

The kicker, of course, is that video game fans could have anticipated for the show to adapt games, when the showrunners created it really clear that Sapkowski’s original books will be the major inspiration for Henry Cavill’s Geralt.

The Witcher Show gets its first Trailer
The Witcher Show gets its first Trailer

This snazzy reveal (which you can verify out at the bottom of this short article) is positive to do away with a fair quantity of these doubts, nevertheless, as the trailer does not pull quite a few punches, featuring monsters of all shapes and sizes, as properly as Geralt when he’s had a handful of potions currently.

Featuring flashes of each open combat and monster-slaying, as properly as moments of planet-constructing and storytelling, The Witcher’s 1st trailer suggests that we’ll get to see Yennefer and Ciri’s origin stories right here, as properly as -potentially- the infamous Blaviken massacre that granted Geralt 1 of his a lot more distressing titles.

With this version of The Witcher getting fairly far removed from CD Projekt RED’s video game rendition of the franchise, it is secure to say we’re all really keen on seeing what is it that Netflix has cooked for us. Watch the trailer under.




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