The merciless roguelike “Jupiter Hell” goes Vulkan, with an additional cost-free demo weekend now up


Jupiter Hell from ChaosForge is the successor to DoomRL (Doom the roguelike, now “DRL” just after lawyers came knocking), it is a brutal and atmospheric roguelike and you can attempt it out once again.

Just lately, they gave it a fairly major update which comes with Vulkan assistance by default. Nonetheless, if that causes you troubles you can add “–gl” as a launch alternative to get it in OpenGL mode.

That is not all! They’ve also pulled in Mark Meer (Commander Shepard – Mass Impact) to be the voice of “JupiterGuy”, with some colourful voice lines which can be tweaked to be much less foul if you want. Also, a new and far more tough ULTRAVIOLENCE level is accessible for these who truly like a challenge. There is also SMGs, every class now has a Skilled trait that improves their class active and passive skills and pretty a couple of other smaller sized modifications.

No cost to attempt across the entire weekend, ahead of the Early Access release on August 1st. Just like the preceding occasions, you do need to have a particular Steam essential to access the cost-free demo. You need to have to hop onto their Discord Channel and message the “CRI Command” bot with the code “!Hell4U”. It will then send you a Steam essential immediately to access the demo.

It really is absolutely worth spending a couple of hours with this weekend, it is swiftly becoming my favourite roguelike. Atmospheric, brutal action, it appears damn fantastic and for me the Linux version runs amazingly.

Would you like to know far more? Click right here for the Steam web page.

Note: I personally pledged in the course of their Kickstarter, but the developer gave me early access to test it just after the campaign was completed.

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