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There are lots of people today of the existing generation that are fans of Apple items. No matter if they choose the Mac laptop platform, utilizing an iPhone to communicate and play, or an iPad for additional really serious reading and operate connected applications, the legacy of the firm began with it is initially results. That results, which the older generations can appreciate, was the Apple II laptop. To this day, there are numerous fans of the machine that continue to say “Apple II Forever”, total with new hardware and software program receiving created for it pretty much constantly. A new game has been released known as “Oubliette”, and the very best aspect about it is that it is entirely absolutely free!


“Oubliette” is a new game that has been produced by Daniel Henderson, exclusively for the Apple II platform. In this new medieval puzzler, the player has to make their way via the seven diverse dungeon levels, and attempt to receive the prize that is situated all through each and every level. An oubliette is a secret dungeon, with access only via a trapdoor in its ceiling, and your ultimate purpose is to escape each and every level, all the whilst attempting to learn and unveil new secrets all through the game. Henderson told Contact-A.P.P.L.E. about his inspiration and use of the Simple programming language:

“I wrote the entire issue in Applesoft Simple simply because I adore it utilizing shape tables and information arrays. I am a firm believer that you can do something in Simple and I like to push the boundaries of that theory.”


The game automatically begins utilizing the A, Z, N, and M character set as the handle keys for the game, which was typical fare for the systems that did not function a complete set of directional keys. For these that want to, the keys can be customized by the player. It does demand that the Caps Lock be engaged on the program, which was not uncommon for the early days of Apple II computing, due to the fact lowercase characters had been an optional obtain through the original ][ and ][+ days. The game was developed using an original Apple IIe system. His use of a mouse, according to him, was “especially good for drawing the Hi-Res screens.” All of the screens used within the games programming were created using the “816 Paint” program. In addition, Mockingboard quality sounds and effects were created thanks to the additional help of Tom Porter.

The game is available as a free download directly from the “Call-A.P.P.L.E.” servers as a floppy disk image, which can be used on your favorite Apple II emulator program, or be transferred onto physical floppy disk media for use on real hardware.

Source: Call-A.P.P.L.E.
Download: “Oubiette”


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