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Scratching that episode two

Do you ever want to play games exactly where you are just….driving? Soaking in the atmosphere, obtaining conversations, and listening to what ever pops on the radio? Effectively, I’ve got 3 games lined up primarily based on that premise on this week’s episode of Scratching that

  • Northbound is a road trip game with some chill vibes, laid back indie tunes, and heavy themes of friendship in adulthood. 
  • The Shadows that Run Alongside our Auto takes spot in the course of the zombie apocalypse, as two men and women who would otherwise by no means speak start out to find out a lot more about each and every other and themselves. 
  • Bird of Passage asks players to aid an inter-dimensional getting come across peace by speaking to taxi drivers. Discovering a lot more about this getting via branching dialogue trees does not cease having fascinating till the game is more than.

You can download all of these games for totally free right here!

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