Developer Weblog: Rewards of the Uprising!


Under Undermountain, some thing is increasing up a grudge of centuries is clashing beneath our feet and in the stars above. No matter exactly where you take your fight, there will be victorious rewards to these that take a stand.

That Stardock Style!

In Neverwinter: Uprising, from deep in Undermountain you will be teleported into space to the Stardock, an asteroid that orbits Toril. Right here you will be assisting the githzerai that reside there and for the numerous deeds you help them in, you will be rewarded. The gith locate wonderful worth in jewelry and you will be gifted numerous wonderful rings they have discovered via their personal travels.

The gith are not the only ones with beneficial rewards to be had! Lots of of the enemies you will fight via your quests will drop shirts and pants you will have to have to survive your continued journey via Undermountain.

Time to Expedite!

Prior to you can get to the Stardock, you will have to have to go on a different Undermountain Expedition! We have new expeditions and we’ve added far more rewards that drop from the uncommon monsters that roam the harmful caverns of Undermountain, such as the finest companion gear! Although, like some of our rarer rewards, it may possibly take a small added perform to get them.

Trials and Tribulations!

Following assisting the gith and surviving the hardest expeditions, it is time to go see the Mad Mage himself. And you are going to have to have all that wonderful gear to make a great impression! In the Tower of the Mad Mage you will come face to face with Halaster Blackcloak. Must you challenge him and come away victorious, you will have some grand souvenirs to take away. Beginning with our new Artifact Weapons, the Lionheart set!


In addition to these wonderful weapons, you can also get the artifact Halaster’s Blaster Scepter and some of the finest rings in Undermountain as effectively as 1 of Halaster’s Whirlwind mounts!

Meeting Halaster is a significant deal, and fighting him is a harmful point to take into consideration. Nonetheless, should really you stroll away unscathed without the need of failing or falling, we have a particular reward in retailer for you!

PvP, Strongholds and Considerably A lot more!

Neverwinter: Uprising contains further rewards all through the game such as updates to the Stronghold’s Mysterious Merchant and some PVP modifications coming your way!

These are some of the wonderful rewards awaiting you back in Undermountain! We hope to see you quickly!


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