Contra to See Two Daylight on Two Distinctive Handhelds


My Arcade is identified for a plethora of miniaturised handheld retro gaming devices that variety from handhelds and mini arcades, to accessories like gamepads and oddities which includes a Famicom to NES cartridge converter. Their items are also commonly licenced, incorporating IP’s such as Bubble Bobble, Dig Dug and Ms. Pac Man.

Their subsequent venture integrates all these components but also involves a partnership with Konami (or Konami Cross Media NY Inc, for all you corporate kinds out there) to bring the Contra series to a battery-powered device close to you. In the words of Amir Navid, who’s the SVP Item Improvement and Inventive Director of My Arcade (there’s some far more needlessly lengthy corporate speak for you):

“We’re honored to be functioning with Konami Cross Media NY on Contra, 1 of the top rated games of all time and 1 of my individual favorites. It is been just about 30 years considering the fact that its introduction and we’re pleased to celebrate that milestone by providing fans a different way to expertise the game and show their like for it!”

The licence will be divided amongst two devices: a handheld referred to as the Contra Pocket Player and a mini arcade that will probably be also little for my sausage fingers, the Contra Micro Player. Each will play the original arcade version of Contra, though the Pocket Player in addition involves the arcade version of Super C.

Interestingly, there’s also a co-op function that is achievable by means of a hyperlink of some assortment amongst two of the identical devices. Not significantly is identified however about how this is physically accomplished – My Arcade just refer to it as their new “CO-VS technology” which I’d guess is some sort of wireless magic. I cannot see any ports for hyperlink cables in the press pictures, right after all.

So far, the launch window is a vague “this vacation season” with no value provided either. My Arcades related handhelds and mini arcades sell for $35, so that may be an estimate to anticipate – but otherwise, you can keep updated by means of My Arcades site.

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