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Club PA two. has arrived! If you’d like to access some further PA content material and enable assistance the forums, verify it out at

The image size limit has been raised to 1mb! Something bigger than that should really be linked to. This is a Challenging limit, please do not abuse it.

Our new Indie Games subforum is now open for small business in G&ampT. Go and verify it out, you may well land a code for a absolutely free game. If you are establishing an indie game and want to post about it, comply with these directions. If you never, he’ll break your legs! Hahaha! Seriously although.
Our guidelines have been updated and provided their personal forum. Go and appear at them! They are good, and there may well be new ones that you did not know about! Hooray for guidelines! Hooray for The Method! Hooray for Conforming!
what huh dammit are we back

shit we’re back


Jul 10 – Godhood EA
Jul 11 – Eagle Island
Jul 11 – Blazing Chrome
Jul 12 -Streets of Rogue
Jul 18 – Etherborn
Jul 19 – Nowhere Prophet
Jul 23 – Moonlighter DLC
Jul 24 – Iratus lord of the Dead
Jul 25 – Songbird Symphony
Jul 25 – Monsterboy and the Cursed Kingdom
Jul 26 – Wolfentsein Young Blood
Jul 30 – Age of Grit Steampunk
Jul 30 – Mutant Year Zero DLC
Aug 13 – Rebel galaxy outlaw
Aug 27 – Hunt: Showdown
Aug 27 – Handle
Aug – Subdivision Infinity

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