108 MP camera smartphone is just crazy!!! +10x zoom, in 2020


A specifically effectively-recognized tech tipster sent a tweet  and mentioned by subsequent year  a 108 MP camera + 10x optical zoom will be noticed on a new telephone. Unsurprisingly, this statement ismakingmany think it could be a reference to Samsung’s Galaxy S11.

The leaker has tweeted the message “by the way, subsequent year you will see on your smartphone: a 10x optical zoom camera and a 108 MP camera”. No cryptic conundrums, no mysterious monologues just a simple forecast of what we can count on to love in 2020. The post even attracted the consideration of noted tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee (MKHBD), who just responded with the eyes emoji. Other ideas for this 108 MP camera-toting device capable of 10x optical zoom incorporated a Xiaomi Mi Mix five, a P40 Pro, and even a Galaxy Note 11. Having said that, the basic consensus points to the Samsung Galaxy S11 featuring these monster camera specifications.


108 MP camera ,10x optical zoom, new telephone.   Samsung’s Galaxy S11

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