Rumour Says Bully two Has Been Cancelled By Rockstar


The rumours of a sequel to the 2006 Rockstar Games classic, Bully, have been circulating for the very best element of a decade now, but with Red Dead Redemption two completed and dusted, players had been seriously hoping there may well ultimately be some truth to the hearsay.

However for us Jimmy Hopkins fans, a identified ResetERA leaker has taken to the internet to say that there was going to be a Bully two – but not any longer.

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Bully 2
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The project was apparently in improvement for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation three but ended up having scrapped, according to a supply who claims to know a former Rockstar New England developer.

Having said that, as stated on the ResetERA post, there may well be some very good news on the horizon, as this scrapped Bully project may well not necessarily imply that there’s no Bully in improvement proper now.

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“This is not [an] indication as to regardless of whether Bully two is or is not at present becoming worked on proper now,” writes ResetERA user vestan. “Games get cancelled and rebooted all the time. Present consensus amongst Rockstar leakers is that the game IS in production and is Rockstar’s subsequent big game.”

So let’s all just hope for the very best okay?

Credit: Rockstar Games

There is a lot of ‘evidence’ to recommend that yeah, Bully two truly is taking place, so possibly do not hang up your slingshot just however.

Earlier this month a different fresh ‘leak’ hit the world-wide-web courtesy of Reddit, exactly where a user claiming to have a pal at Rockstar Games shared a lot of supposed data about the subsequent Grand Theft Auto title.

In the comments, the poster was asked if they knew something about a potential Bully two, to which the OP responded: “Yes. Play as Jimmy. You are a freshman. University. That is all I got told about that. That is all I wanna know. Large Bully fan. Do not want any spoilers or possible let down from fake rumours.”

Have some faith in Rockstar Games.

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