Retro Gaming Discussion Show: 248 – Sega Saturn


In this episode Drisky and G set sail seeking at some of the most effective Japanese only Sega Saturn games to play and how to play them.  There are lots of hidden gems for you to uncover and take pleasure in right here, so join us by attempting some of these fantastic games and telling us what you assume.

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Super Tempo :
Pui Li Ru : Tengoku: The Game’s Paradise! :
Shinrei Jusatsushi Taromaru :
Arthur to Astaroth no Nazo Makaimura – Remarkable Toons:
Tryrush Deppy :

Hon Mentions:
Cotton two :
Cotton Boomberang:
2do Aru Koto ha Sando R :

Bulk Slash :
Gale Racer:
Gal Panic SS :
Gussun Oyoyo S :
 Paodius Forever With Me:
Keio Yugekitei Katsugekihen (Keio Flying Squadron two):
Thunder Force V:

Translated Patched Games – Rom Hacking Net

Linkle Liver Story (Translated Patch):
Shining Force three Situation 1 to 3  (with translated Patch) :
Policenauts (Translated) :

A fantastic resource for all Saturn games can be discovered in this two volume function…
Saturn Encyclopedia:

Pre Chat:


Video of linking Amiga to Launch Box:
Ion Fury / Ion Maiden:

eight Dragons:

Revival 2019 :
Amigos Podcast Overview of occasion:
Bull Frog Speak:
Sensible Soccer Speak:
Arcade Planet Holder Speak:

Subsequent Revival Announced :

Aspect 1: 7th-8th March 2020 and Aspect two: 7th-8th November
@ Fivestar Neighborhood Centre, Wednesbury WS10 8JG

Action Replay Plus:
Saturn to Launchbox vid:

Launchbox :

Saturn Encyclopeadia :  (an wonderful two volume function)


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