Prepared for a further wonderful hidden object puzzler? Queen’s Quest five: Symphony of Death is out


Queen’s Quest five: Symphony of Death from Brave Giant LTD and Artifex Mundi has released nowadays, a further excellent seeking hidden object game for a much more casual encounter.

A couple of months just after stopping the intrigue of the evil queen and saving the fairy-tale land of Netherfall, King Robert asks for your assist when once again. This time the stakes are even greater. Kids are disappearing from the capital and the suspicions fall on the neighborhood Pied Piper, playing his mesmerizing melodies. Nonetheless, it immediately turns out that he is not the only one particular who came to the city and the case is a great deal much more difficult… and unsafe.

I generally adore the style in these games, they have such fabulous artwork you can see a lot of perform goes into them. A quite niche genre now but they commonly get a couple of great testimonials from players.


  • An adventure for each enthusiasts and novice players of HOPA games
  • Defeat a accurate crime virtuoso by solving 35 puzzles!
  • Meet characters from fairy tales and folklore in more than 40 places!
  • Prepare magical transformation potions!
  • Understand the fate of Pied Piper in a thrilling bonus adventure!

To succeed as a gaming platform, Linux desires a lot of games across all genres, so it is great to see Artifex Mundi continue to publish their games on Linux.

You can uncover it on Steam.

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