Juventus’ Exclusive Deal With Konami: Our Evaluation


Not numerous phrases draw as a lot ire in the footy gaming neighborhood as “exclusive licenses.” With each big soccer generating studios battling it out for footy supremacy, EA Sports and Konami have been waging war on every other by means of official licenses for some time now. Clubs seeking to either create their brand or fatten their wallets have signed offers not too long ago to be featured exclusively in a single game or the other, but this year’s it is EA Sports coming up with the brief finish of the stick as it relates to Juventus.

Following the news from yesterday, Konami has procured the exclusive rights to Juventus which means that eFootball PES 2020 will be the only soccer title to have the Italian giants for the subsequent release. EA, a companion of Juventus for a handful of years now, released the following:

Following a close connection with Juventus Football Club, EA SPORTS can confirm that June 30th marked the finish of its partnership with the club. We’d like to thank every person at Juventus for the years of collaboration as the team’s Official Sports Video Gaming companion.

Arrivederci Juventus and hello “Piedmont Calcio” — marking the initial time in years exactly where a big European soccer club will be un-licensed, but according to EA, actual players will nevertheless be integrated with only the official Juventus logo, kit, and stadium impacted by this modify.

How does this differ from other official partnerships such as Manchester United? Effectively, according to FIFA Global Franchise Lead Cory Andress, Man United nevertheless appears to be distinctive than Juventus.

Licensing can be a complex matter. Apart from individually licensing clubs, there are league licenses (utilizing the official league logo, branding, and so forth.), national group licenses (albeit somewhat lacking these days in terms of additions), and FIFPRO which is the Players’ Union and important in order to use player likenesses. Each corporations, Konami and EA, have combinations of all 3 with EA flexing its may in Europe though Konami has shifted some of its concentrate to South America and Asia.

It is challenging to decide how a lot official exclusive licenses impact sales. Will Juventus fans acquire eFootball PES 2020 since they’re the only game with them? Will EA enable for a equivalent PES-variety editing solution to replace the generic “Piedmont Calcio” logo? Most most likely the answer for each of these inquiries are “no” but there’s often the possibility that EA could throw much more funds at Juventus subsequent year, a lot like Dortmund from a year ago. For these not in the know, Dortmund was officially licensed in PES 2018 but somehow got out of that contract for the 2019 edition, and was then featured in FIFA 19 as properly as the FIFA 19 demo.

There’s nevertheless some kinks to be worked out, but a single point that is specific is that licensing does practically nothing but divide the neighborhood. It forces people to choose and pick primarily based on the club/league they help and which console they are playing on (sorry Xbox One particular gamers, nevertheless no help on the quick horizon for PES Solution Files).

How does Juventus becoming unlicensed influence your plans for FIFA 20?


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