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Hello, my name is Carles, and I am the Lead Programmer at Altered Matter — the studio behind the game Etherborn. Currently is a large moment for us, as we are ultimately releasing Etherborn to the globe. Almost 4 years of function has boiled down to this really moment. It is fascinating and nerve-wracking all at the similar time. In this post, I want to give you a bit of assistance and some guidelines for our game. I hope that they will come in handy. But initial, watch our launch trailer, which ought to give you some context about what Etherborn is about.

Etherborn is an exploration puzzle platformer set in a globe exactly where gravity behaves in a diverse way than ours. So my initial bit of assistance for you is to loosen up, unwind, and let your self loose in this globe. There is no timer chasing you to finish the level prior to it runs out, or enemies generating your life hard and attempting to kill you. It is only you and the level that is in front of you. As you will notice, any location with a curve modifications the path of gravity’s pull. Discover these surfaces, as a straightforward gravity shift can make areas that have been when inaccessible turn into wide open. The globe is a Rubik’s cube — play about with it and see exactly where it will take you.

The subsequent tip I have for you is so straightforward that it hurts. To access some components of the levels, you will will need to uncover orbs scattered about the atmosphere and spot them on distinct switches. When you do that, bridges, paths, and new structures will emerge, letting you move forward and uncover what’s ahead. There may possibly be instances when you could really feel a bit stuck attempting to uncover that “one a lot more orb” to progress. But recall — you can choose up orbs from switches you have currently made use of and do not will need access to any longer. Occasionally, it is the apparent factors that we miss out on the most.

My final piece of assistance is to not be concerned about getting incorrect and delight in experimentation. What we wanted persons to knowledge are these stunning “Eureka!” moments when they play — that “OMG, I can not think it was this straightforward/now I got it!” feeling. If you are feeling stuck, do not be afraid to veer off the path you currently took, and attempt to bite the difficulty from a diverse angle so to speak. Etherborn is all about exploring the environments to fully grasp how gravity will influence you and the path that you will need to take. That eureka moment that you are hunting for could be just a step, jump, or gravity adjust away!

I hope that you enjoyed this small create-up and that Etherborn has piqued your interest. Etherborn is now obtainable at PlayStation Retailer, and we are completely more than the moon just pondering about it. We hope that you may possibly really feel a small bit of that as well. And if you want to ask me any concerns about our game, do not hesitate to do so in the comments beneath!


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