Comic-Con: Walking Dead creator says Negan spinoff is 100% doable


Earlier this month, Robert Kirkman’s extended-operating zombie outbreak comic The Walking Dead came to a surprising, fulfilling finish. Planned all along, the writer utilised tricks of the trade to mask the conclusion of his saga, which definitively ended with challenge #192. And there was a bit of happiness to the exactly where points left off. The planet was … type of greater.

“It’s a planet exactly where folks have place by means of their paces, pushed to their limits, discovered who they are as folks,” Kirkman stated through his 2019 San Diego Comic-Con panel. “It’s place absolutely everyone in a various mindset than we operate like we do now […] Individuals discover to appreciate what they have.”

But is it the finish finish of The Walking Dead? Even though the tv series and Worry the Walking Dead set to continue, and a third YA-like series set to film this summer time, the brand is pretty considerably alive. But for Kirkman, that is it. Even though he joked that he saw himself returning to zombie lore in a radically various way in the future — he’s recognized for the genre following all — The Walking Dead as fans knew it was more than.


Asked if Negan, left alive by #192, could potentially return, Kirkman squirmed. He was conscious.

“Negan is alive. I feel that is a cool tidbit. He’s nonetheless out there, theoretically living in that farmhouse, so there could possibly be a story to be told there.”

Even though Kirkman emphasized there had been no present plans, he curved what sounded like genuine interest in revisiting the character towards cheekier territory.

“It’s doable that that is my escape hatch’ if my profession requires a tough nosedive — I’ll just roll out a Negan comic when I’m 42.” he joked, adding that he has tons of secret projects in the functions, and hopes to spring lots of of them on fans when they least anticipate it.

Later in the afternoon, an audience member asked Kirkman if he had any regrets more than the 16-year course of The Walking Dead.

“I do not genuinely have regrets. The cause I can do so considerably perform is that I’m usually focused on what’s coming subsequent.”

1 of these points could possibly be extra Negan.


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