Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA Release Dates Leaked


Modern Warfare Beta Dates
Modern Warfare BETA concept design, not an official image.

If previous years are anything to go by, Activision usually allows players to test out their upcoming iteration of the Call of Duty franchise via a BETA. Infinity Ward hasn’t technically confirmed that a BETA is on the horizon for the upcoming release. Nonetheless, we’ve detailed the rumored Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA dates, in addition to both the expected how to get access and sign up information below.

Will Modern Warfare Have a BETA?

Technically, Infinity Ward hasn’t confirmed whether or not the upcoming title will have a BETA. However, Activision has traditionally implemented the addition in a bid to receive feedback from fans.

So yes, Modern Warfare will presumably follow suit in featuring a BETA. That said, stranger things have happened so don’t get your hopes up too high.

When Does the Modern Warfare BETA Come Out?

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare BETA will arrive in August 2019, sources previously told Gaming INTEL towards the end of May. We still stand by this original leak. In fact, the rumor has since been supported by other insiders within the industry.

It appears as though YouTuber TheGamingRevolution’s source has seemingly implied a BETA date. While we cannot confirm this information, it seems as if the BETA will be taking place on PC on August 27.

If this is anything to go by – but again, we stress this most likely speculation at most – the BETA will most likely arrive 7 days prior to other platforms on PS4. Therefore, it would make sense to see PS4 players get their hands on it August 20.

RUMORED Modern Warfare BETA Release Dates:

  • PS4 – August 20
  • PC – August 27
  • Xbox One – August 27

Irrespective of rumors and leaks, Activision tends to release each BETA in August anyway. For example, the Black Ops 4 BETA took place at the beginning of August 2018, while the CoD WW2 one began at the end of August 2017.

Modern Warfare BETA

How to Get Access

How to get access to the Modern Warfare BETA depends on whether Activision decided to make it private or open. If it’s private, players will have to pre-order the game and use the code their retailer sends out. On the other hand, you will not need a code and all players will be granted with access if it’s open.

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Although this isn’t confirmed, we expect the Modern Warfare BETA to be private to begin with, then the final few days may be open to all players. Tradition seems to support this prospect as well.

If this is the case many more players will be able to provide Activision with feedback and potentially the BETA will lure some into pre-ordering the game.

Expected Announcement

The Modern Warfare Multiplayer full reveal date has officially been set in stone. Infinity Ward will unveil the game on August 1st at 10am PT / 6pm BST. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the BETA announced in this livestream, with additional details potentially surfacing at a later date in the weeks leading up to BETA launch.


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