Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini (GC311) Assessment


When I consider of capturing game footage, my thoughts normally
tends to consider of PCIe compliant or other, internal desktop options. This is
why, when I was provided the chance to evaluation Avermedia’s Reside Gamer Mini (GC311), I was
promptly intrigued by its smaller kind aspect and its reliance on USB two.
transfer speeds.

When taking a appear at the Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini itself, the device is only slightly taller than a
typical three.five x two enterprise card with a significantly bigger height but nevertheless
smaller sufficient to match inside a back pocket or smaller carrying case. In reality, the Reside Gamer Mini is so smaller, it can
completely match comfortably inside most Nintendo Switch carrying situations, at least
the ones that present more space for cable management and the like.

Avermedia  Live Gamer Mini (GC311) Review 4
Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini (GC311) – Image Credit: Avermedia

I mention the Switch as I discovered the Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini to be an best option
for these seeking for a easy option in capturing Nintendo Switch game
footage. The device itself can only capture a 1080p, 60 frames per second
signal, which also occurs to be the max resolution the present model of the Switch can output.  In other words, the
Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini is intended
for newbies wanting to get into the planet of streaming and game
recording.  Sadly, though
clearly intended for novices, the Avermedia Reside
Gamer Mini
suffers from some strange shortcomings that hold it back from
really getting match for entry-level enthusiasts.

Ahead of delving into some of the challenges I’ve had with the Reside Gamer Mini I want to start by
stating that the actual device, for the most component, appears to be a single of top quality,
having said that, the suggested application developed for the piece of tech eventually
held the unit back.  This could basically be
an situation connected to my distinct hardware configuration but nonetheless
detracted from the general simplicity and ease of use the device appears to
marketplace itself as.

The Reside Gamer Mini ships
with an onboard encoder, which picks up the slack for reduced-finish machines. When
coupled with Avermedia’s RECentral application, this makes it possible for for a reasonably simple expertise in the course of the capturing
method, at least, that is what it need to do in theory. In practice I had
problems finding footage that would render with no some nasty artefacts or
stuttering, which ended up ruining the recorded footage.  I ultimately managed to get the application to
render my footage with no situation by deleting the default profile present in the
application, replacing it with a manual profile, and then deleting that once again,
which ultimately restored the default (Optimal top quality alternative) setting, and
really rendered useable footage.

Following ultimately finding the RECentral application to play good with my setup, I discovered the actual
system to be definitely user-friendly, pretty much to the point exactly where I type of want
Avermedia implemented some kind of the contextual pop-up menu, detailing all
the attributes present in the application.  RECentral attributes two distinct types of
capture, a single meant for just a easy and to the point capture function, which
can be discovered below the single mode alternative inside the application.

Avermedia  Live Gamer Mini (GC311) Review 3
Avermedia Reside Gamer Mini (GC311) – Image Credit: Avermedia

The multi-mode alternative, which can be discovered just to the left
of single mode, makes it possible for customers to manipulate the screen genuine estate of the stream
or capture with the alternative of importing and superimposing an assortment of
prevalent image forms on to the screen. PNG files appear to perform completely fine,
which means these wanting to location logos or channel brandings that have
transparencies can do so with no be concerned. One particular file format that would have been a
good touch would be GIF files, though that may well also have lead to some early MySpace-era
levels of weirdness.

In terms of top quality the captured footage, for the most component,
is fantastic, specifically for Switch footage, having said that, particular PlayStation four games
do seem to be slightly softer than its native output with noticeable
compression artefacts but practically nothing that definitely distracts also a great deal from what is
getting shown on the screen. 


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