Legendary Mount in Insignia Pack!


For a restricted time the Epic Insignia Pack has a likelihood to include a legendary mount!

Starts Thursday, July 18 at 10am PT across all platforms

Ends Thursday, July 25 at 19am PDT across all platforms

Each and every Pack has a likelihood to include 1 of the following Bind on Equip legendary mounts:

Tenser’s Floating Disk
Warpainted Tyrannosaur
Commander Tyrannosaur
Celestial Stag
Arcane Whirlwind
Runeclad Manticore
Swift Golden Lion
Armored Griffon
Emperor Beetle
Black Ice Warhorse
Imperial Rage Drake
Skeleton Steed
Armored Bulette
Armored Axe Beak
Armored Giant Strider
Coastal Flail Snail
War Triceratops


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