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Modder ‘gEck0_’ has launched a graphics overhaul mod for Counter-Strike: Supply, known as Counter-Strike: Re-Supply (2019). Counter-Strike: Re-Supply is mainly a compilation of numerous textures, fashions, skins, shaders and extra that goals to enormously enhance the visuals of this 2004 Counter-Strike sport.

Counter-Strike: Re-Supply (2019) goals to be as near the unique imaginative and prescient as attainable and retain its genuine artwork/visible fashion. Now clearly this might have been simpler with an ESRGAN AI-enhanced mod, nonetheless it’s nonetheless cool witnessing such a extra “conventional” overhaul mod.

Going into barely extra particulars, this overhaul mod replaces virtually the entire sport’s textures, fashions, w_models and blood textures, retextures weapon skins, provides new sounds in addition to new maps. The environmental textures now help shaders and all default weapon skins (together with the knife, all grenades and the gloves) have been changed with HD fashions, most of which help phong shaders.

These on this overhaul mod can obtain it from right here. As a way to showcase the visible enhancements it brings, the modder has additionally shared some screenshots that you’ll find beneath.

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