Are builders anticipating much less from gamers for a Platinum Trophy? : ps


I did plenty of trophy searching again within the PS3 days and lately bought again into the Platinum hunt on PS4, however is it simply me or do first celebration exclusives require loads much less ability to get the Platinum Trophy then final era?

Take the brand new God of Conflict for instance. Sometimes the earlier video games required you to beat the sport on at the very least the second to hardest issue to get the platinum, however God of Conflict, so far as I perceive, may be overwhelmed on the very best issue and gamers nonetheless can get the platinum.

One thing unusual about Spider-Man on PS4 is that there’s a trophy for beating the sport on Final, however in a separate trophy part that does not have an effect on the platinum. I used to be additionally going across the metropolis to get 100% and realized I used to be nowhere close to 100% and nonetheless nearly had the platinum. You need to full all of the non-obligatory challenges to 100% town, however can get the bottom rank on all of them and it nonetheless counts as 100%.

Perhaps I’ve bought some bizarre last-generation goggles on however these appear a lot simpler than video games from the PS3 period. Have been individuals complaining final gen that platinums have been too troublesome to get or one thing? I simply do not perceive why abruptly it looks like Platinums are given out so simply now whereas I felt some actual accomplishment once I earned them on the PS3. This gen looks like if I play lengthy sufficient in assured a platinum whether or not I get good on the recreation or not.

Does anybody else see this development, or am I fallacious?


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