The Commodore 64 Is Actually Coming Again


Final 12 months an organization merely referred to as Retro Video games launched the C64 Mini, a response to the mini-console craze, solely this time a mini-computer. The primary flaw was instantly apparent: computer systems, irrespective of how outdated, want a keyboard. And the C64 Mini was so small that its duplicate keyboard couldn’t really be purposeful — it was one stable piece.

The C64 Mini was banking on the truth that numerous its video games used the joystick, and that in a pinch it may PASS as a console. It simply wasn’t the identical, although. The one solution to make it the identical can be to make the unit full-size with a purposeful keyboard; in different phrases, to truly make a Commodore 64 once more. Guess what they did?

Sure, Retro Video games is following up the C64 Mini with “The C64,” a full-size duplicate of the 1980s basic. You are able to do something with it that you could possibly do with the unique, together with BASIC….nevertheless it additionally has fashionable conveniences like an HDMI connection, save states, and the flexibility to load an infinite variety of video games from a USB stick. You possibly can even throw a change and switch the C64 into the Vic-20, the C64’s predecessor.

If this sparks a development of outdated pc rereleases, that might be wonderful. I grew up with an Apple II, not a C64, and an HDMI-capable rerelease of THAT machine would blow my thoughts — although it might be harder to drag off. The machine wasn’t practically as compact because the C64, and also you undoubtedly couldn’t plug it into your lounge TV (I imply you COULD, nevertheless it’d be awkward to make use of).

The C64 comes again on December 5, 2019, for a retail worth of $120.

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