Undertaking Lord :: A planetary god-game!


Immediately’s submit goes to be a bit in regards to the sport design.
I wish to talk about two factors for now: items and the scope of the sport.

Models (warriors vs staff)

Immediately I discovered that I would like to revamp every little thing associated with squads and warriors.
At the moment, each civilization has three squads that you may fill them recruiting warriors. Then, choosing the squad, you may give orders to every squad akin to assault, defend or hunt.

There are three points right here.
First, it’s requires an excessive amount of mouse clicks to handle the squads (click on on squads’ menu, click on one of many squads, click on the motion, click on the place to use the motion). Additionally, requires managing staff and warriors independently.
Second, through the peace intervals, the participant may have idle warriors consuming assets.
And final, internally the info construction can battle with some concepts that I’ve for later.

The thought is to simplify the items administration simply eradicating any unit distinction between staff and warriors. Which means we may have only one form of unit, the creatures of our civilization, and so they may act as a staff or warriors.

Some great benefits of this are, we received’t must micromanage an excessive amount of, items are polyvalent (no ineffective items relying of the state of affairs) and no conflicts with some good concepts that I wish to implement in long run.

Disadvantages: Much less micromanagement, and probably worse efficiency (not a problem now).


Nicely… after the final pictures and gifs the scope of the sport is beginning to look massive, and that’s harmful. Probabilities of not ending video games are proportional to their scopes.

To keep away from this, I wish to maintain a superb stability between creating one thing humorous and straightforward to broaden however easy on the similar time. I do know, this appears to be like like a tough components to realize.

Regardless of of the confirmed pictures and gifs within the final posts, for now I’m going to focus into the gameplay of only one planet. Let’s name it the “Planet Conqueror” stage.

In the course of the Planet Conqueror stage, the participant wants to overcome the precise planet. The way in which of conquering the planet is simply eliminating any enemies to create a one distinctive civilization within the planet.

As quickly as the sport begins, the participant’s civilization may have simply a few ravenous items and a really primary city corridor constructing. On the opposite facet of the planet, one other civilization with the identical situations will seem.
The participant might want to begin gathering assets to make sure the survival of his civilization and begin evolving their items.

Evolution of the civilization may have two predominant branches: Expertise and faith.
Expertise department will unlock new buildings and new expertise to make our items extra highly effective and enhance their survival fee.
Faith department will unlock temple and related buildings to make our Lord (MC) extra highly effective.

There’s an concept of a 3rd department known as “biology” that may make our items bodily extra highly effective additionally unlocking some natural buildings. Some form of Zergs from StarCraft. However we’ll put this concept on maintain to maintain the scope smaller.

Ultimately, the participant might want to battle their enemies till exterminate them. As soon as all are eradicated, the planet will probably be conquered, and we are able to contemplate this stage completed.

My goal is to develop this primary stage, making one thing humorous and easy to play, but in addition stuffed with prospects.

The lateral 2D view is a handicap for the gameplay, as a result of it’s limiting quite a bit the enjoyable of constructing buildings (assume on Jail Architect and the enjoyment of constructing rooms, partitions, and many others…). So, I would like to search out different methods to make this stage one thing that individuals will get pleasure from taking part in in several methods.


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