Indie Retro Information: Dizzy Scripting Engine reaches v1.1.0


I’ve all the time had a tender spot for that cute character Dizzy; A personality by the Oliver Twins that takes us again to the golden years of the Amstrad, C64 and even the ZX Spectrum. To be trustworthy it is why everytime there is a new Dizzy fan sport being developed or a misplaced Dizzy sport discovered, I’ve all the time acquired to provide it the point out. So why am I mentioning Dizzy once more? Welcome to the ‘Dizzy Scripting Engine’; an engine that makes it simpler to create Dizzy video games for the ZX Spectrum!

Reaching the dizzy heights of V1.1.0, the Dizzy Scripting Engine (DizzySE) is an setting for the event of Dizzy-like video games for the house laptop ZX Spectrum 128 and its clones, with a key function to rid the developer of programming on assembler language and data of adverse laptop structure. Mainly it helps folks of each younger and previous, create Dizzy video games for the ZX Spectrum with much more ease with simply the necessity to be taught a quite simple scripting language and to know any graphic editor able to working with photographs with listed colour….

For additional data reminiscent of launch notes, head on over to the web site linked (HERE)


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