The Every day Grind: Do you care whether or not MMORPGs have seasons and diurnal cycles?


In a current One Photographs, MOP’s Justin requested readers to supply up their screenshots of MMOs with diurnal cycles – that’s, video games with day and evening cycles. I bear in mind again when it was a extremely large deal for MMOs to vow atmospheric content material like this, however now I suppose it’s grow to be outdated hat, to the purpose that some MMOs nonetheless don’t even trouble, or they put every little thing on such a protracted cycle that you could be by no means even discover it. Seasons and lunar cycles and climate have kinda grow to be one thing that survival video games deal with, somewhat than MMOs.

And but I’ve such fond recollections of roleplaying in MMOs that dumped snow all over the place come winter. I liked hanging out in Star Wars Galaxies and watching all of the roleplayers scatter when a sudden downpour dumped rain on us and everybody needed to react accordingly. I like the glowy home windows you’ll be able to lastly see when the solar goes down and evening has come to an MMO. It’s the informal environmental ambiance that makes MMOs really feel like, nicely, immersive digital worlds as a substitute of backdrops for extra murderhoboing.

Do you care whether or not MMORPGs have seasons and diurnal cycles? And which MMORPG does them finest? (By the best way, you’ll be able to ship Justin your pics for One Photographs proper right here!)

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