Restricted Time Buy – Stick Ponies!


We couldn’t rein in these mighty steeds! By widespread demand and per the decree of Lord Neverember, Stick Ponies might be out there within the Zen Marketplace for the subsequent two weeks! These wonders, hand-created by the artisans at Cornwall’s Curious Creations, might be 1000 Zen every.

Notice: As soon as bought, stick ponies might be a everlasting merchandise for gamers. Their availability within the Zen Market is restricted to 2 weeks. 

Stick Ponies come galloping in on Thursday, June 20 at 10am PDT and can trot away on July four at 10am PDT

Stick Ponies out there

Wood Stick Pony – Carved from walnut and maple tree wooden, this traditional look is bound to thrill each youngster (and never so youngster) in Neverwinter!

Cotton Stick Pony – Crafted with effective cotton and durable oak, this comfy stick pony will *not* result in hidden worlds that carefully resemble this one solely with button eyes.

Fancy Stick Pony – Carved from one of the best mahogany, this stick pony will complement the look of each dashing adventurer!


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