Rage 2 Ark areas information – the place to seek out the very best weapons and talents


Rage 2 is out and it’s sensible, mixing bombastic taking pictures with a deep and various open world. Scattered throughout the irradiated panorama are Arks – big vessels the place you’ll discover a boatload of loot, in addition to the sport’s finest weapons and talents.

You don’t truly go to most of them through the recreation’s comparatively brief story, so to get essentially the most out of your time you’ll want to hunt them out.

Beneath is each Ark location we’ve discovered up to now in Rage 2, so you may barge your approach by means of the pink post-apocalypse with glee.

We’ve additionally obtained a brand new trailer for the primary Rage 2 enlargement, Rise of the Ghosts, which is coming in August.

Rage 2 Ark areas

Like most open world video games, there’s a good bit of traversal to get from level A to level B. However within the case of Rage 2’s Arks, it’s value it. Nestled inside every futuristic sky chest is a harmful goodie to savour, whether or not that’s a tasty weapon, devastating power-up, or game-changing motion support.

Marked on the maps beneath is in every single place yow will discover an Ark. When you’ve found the world and battled your approach inside, seize what you want and let rip.

Take note of the enemy problem of every Ark – that is the tough order at which you must try the problem.

Ark Energy Up Enemy Problem
Junker’s Cross Ark Shatter 2
Nice Crack Ark Grav-Soar 3
Earthscar Ark Slam 3
Strongbox Ark Sensible Rocket Launcher 4
Canyon Cove Ark Defibrillator 5
Spikewind Ark Barrier 6
Dealypipe Ark Rush 6
Shrouded Vault Ark Charged Pulse Canon 6
Dank Catacomb Ark Firestorm Revolver 7
Needle Falls Ark Grav-Dart Launcher 7
Greenhaven Ark Hyper-Cannon Railgun 10

Junker’s Cross Ark

In the direction of the south of the worldmap, the Junker’s Cross Ark is close to the centre of the world.

Nice Crack Ark

To the west of the Canyon Cove Ark, and north of the Junker’s Cross Ark, you’ll discover the Nice Crack.

Earthscar Ark

The Earthscar Ark is in direction of the north of the world, roughly in-line with the Canyon Cove Ark.

Strongbox Ark

In the direction of the northeast of the worldmap you’ll discover the Strongbox Ark.

Cayon Cove Ark

The Canyon Cove Ark is within the southeast of the world, close to the border with Junker’s Cross.

Spikewind Ark

The Spikewind Ark is within the southwest of the world, close to the Junker’s Cross Ark.

Dealypipe Ark

Maintain going west from the Spikewind Ark and also you’ll discover the Dealypipe Ark.

Shrouded Vault Ark

The Shrouded Vault Ark is the furthest south, proper down within the southwest nook of the map.

Dank Catacombs Ark

You’ll discover the Dank Catacomb Ark up within the northwest of the worldmap.

Needle Falls Ark

Within the northernmost space of the map, you’ll discover the Needle Falls Ark in direction of the southwest of the world.

Greenhaven Ark

The hardest Ark within the recreation can be the furthest north.

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