Developer Weblog: Creatures of Undermountain


Greetings and salutations dungeon explorers and adventurers of Neverwinter! Right this moment I need to let you know about just a few of the creepy crawlies and harsh creatures that reside inside the depths of Undermountain.



Whereas he might look cute and cuddly from afar this creature shouldn’t be a squeak toy. Some may say the rationale he’s so temperamental is as a result of he has all these tooth and no toothbrush. This vicious creature has many strikes in its arsenal like a toxic chew and a face planting stomp, however these assaults are tame compared to its spinning tail assault or its tail smash. None of those are as harmful, although, as its signature energy – some may say it’s the bedrock of all its powers – Petrifying Gaze. In case you see him rear up on his hind legs ensure you look away or you can be stopped in your tracks!



Whereas adventuring by way of the caverns of Undermountain chances are you’ll end up amidst a clump of previous spider webs or maybe a gaggle of lethal spiders. Be sure you are additional cautious as a result of there could also be one other creature ready across the nook. In case you hear the sound of spinning webs the following factor chances are you’ll really feel is a tugging at your throat as a menacing Ettercap pulls you shut and lashes out! 

That’s proper! The humpbacked terror of the depths has joined the ranks of Neverwinter’s creature record. Whether or not throwing a sticky net at your toes or knocking you throughout the ground with a backhand, this creature may very simply make a seemingly regular scenario quite chaotic.


Shambling Mound

Gradual and lumbering, this mass of vegetation might seem to be a innocent entity however that’s removed from the reality. This creature is one with its natural environment and as such makes it a formidable foe. Whether or not it’s summoning massive thorns from the earth beneath you, surrounding you in a mass of vines, or stretching its arms out to hit you from afar, this mighty mound will rapidly allay you of any hope that defeating it is going to be simple. And in case you’re pondering you may sneak behind it and maintain it from hitting you, nicely let’s simply say you may need to watch out.


Purple Worm

Being underground means there are some very attention-grabbing creatures which you could encounter. Whereas a few of the beforehand talked about ones might give the typical adventurer trigger to pause, the rumbling sound of a sure burrowing beast and the looks of a transferring clump of earth portend hassle that might make even Valindra have second ideas about participating.

The highly effective purple worm strikes by way of the earth with ease because it breaches the floor close to its prey, spins its physique round to knock them away, or inhales them and chews them up like a bit of bubblegum. Of all of the creatures within the Undermountain, none is extra at residence then this big beast.


That about covers it for this weblog. Whereas this record highlights a few of the extra highly effective creatures coming with Undermountain, there are various extra left to find! So polish your armor, sharpen your blades, and mud off your spellbooks – the creatures of Undermountain are knocking on the door!

Salim “Silius” Grant


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