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Three conspicuous omissions from Konami’s latest retro fever

We have all been ruddy bloody spoiled by Konami these days, who’ve been issuing compilations like a young person’s face points pimples. Arcade, Castlevania and Contra comps within the area of some months! Retrogaming manna from heaven. But it surely bought me to considering; what about these video games that are not exhibiting up on compilations? Konami have an enormous library of revered classics and it strikes me as weird that a few of them have by no means seen a re-release as a part of a group.

As a break from format for All Collectively Then, let’s check out three Konami classics which have by no means been compiled earlier than.

Sundown Riders

The seminal cowpoke-’em-up was ported to SNES and Genesis with various success, however the superlative arcade unique has by no means been seen on any system since its 1991 launch. It was briefly rumoured to be making an look on the Xbox 360’s short-lived Sport Room service, however this amounted to nothing. It is a wild west tackle Contra (from the identical director – Hideyuki Tsujimoto), with astonishingly sensible pacing, memorable boss battles and terrifically dynamic, vibrant graphics. The music is excellent, too, particularly the theme that performs on the second degree that sees you chasing down a prepare on horseback.

It is fondly remembered for a purpose and it staggers me that Sundown Riders – and its non secular successor Mystic Warriors, for that matter – have by no means turned up on any trendy methods.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Okay, admittedly, it is fairly comprehensible why Turtles in Time has by no means seen a re-release. It is a licensed sport and people very hardly ever present their faces. Nevertheless, the arcade model of the sport did present up as an unlockable within the wretched Gamecube/PS2 title Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Nightmare (with the incorrect music) and likewise bought a remake for Xbox 360/PS3, however it’s absolute rest room. The arcade sport frankly pales compared to the SNES port in any case, and it is the Nintendo model that I want would see the sunshine of day as soon as extra. Additional ranges, higher balanced, mind-blowingly good music, improbable use of Mode 7. To this author, it is the very best belt scroller of all time.

Truly, if they might get the rights untangled, I might like to see a Konami TMNT Anniversary Assortment, comprising the NES, Sport Boy, SNES and GBA titles. These Sport Boy Advance efforts based mostly on the 2003 cartoon are underrated as heck. The truth is, they want Re(?)Contemplating at a while within the close to future…

Rocket Knight Adventures

Lastly, we come to a collection that has by no means actually bought its dues. Sure, there was that sport again in 2010. The much less mentioned about that point-missing nonsense, the higher. 1993’s Rocket Knight Adventures is a Genesis tour-de-force, rammed to the gills with invention and pleasure. Taking management of Sparkster – the Rocket Knight himself – you blitz via quite a few diversified and pacey ranges with huge, chunky arcadey graphics and larger-than-life setpieces. So far as I am involved, it resides on the very apex of Konami’s 16-bit output. Its sequels, two fully completely different video games each named Sparkster, hit SNES and Genesis the next 12 months , providing considerably extra subdued however nonetheless totally pleasant follow-ups that suffered from a much less refined problem curve. Nonetheless, I might like to see all three video games launched collectively in some capability. They deserve one other second within the solar.

Konami have already implied that they wish to launch extra compilations, so I might be delighted if this text have been rendered superfluous within the close to future. Sundown Riders, on the very least, absolutely has sufficient residual fondness out within the gaming sphere to make its reappearance worthwhile. This is hoping.


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