New name, exact same game


1st off, I want to thank everybody for becoming so supportive and good about our perform. We never ever anticipated to get this far in such a brief quantity of time, and it is definitely thanks to all of you for wanting to be a portion of the planet we’re constructing.

Component of obtaining a tiny larger is possessing to be concerned about all sorts of boring legal junk like trademarks. To that finish, you may well have noticed we have a new name…

Exactly where was when Moblets now stands Ooblets!

Although we weren’t infringing on any connected trademarks with Moblets, there had been a couple of obstacles in the path of registering it as our personal trademark, so we figured we’d play it secure and come up with one thing else that would be less complicated.

Fortunately, we had been never ever that invested in the name Moblets to start with (I’d picked it ahead of coming up with the game notion!) so I hope you all will not miss it significantly either. These of you who got Moblets stickers can say you had been fans back ahead of we had been even referred to as Ooblets.

I hope you will bear with us by means of the transition. A bunch of hyperlinks may possibly be dead and points may possibly nonetheless have the old name for a whilst, but anything will get sorted out sooner or later!


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