Visual Novel The House in Fata Morgana Coming to the PS4 and PS Vita Soon


If you have searched for visual novels outside PlayStation’s walled garden, there are quite a few, and you are likely to stumble upon The House in Fata Morgana. After being available on PC, a superior version of the game is coming to the PS4 and the PS Vita. Yes, someone still cares about the Vita. In fact, you can get a physical version on either console.

Limited Run Games is creating the physical versions and improving the experience. The original version of the game was stuck at an 800×600 resolution, but it will now run in 4K. Other textures, art, and backgrounds have been be-fancied (I’ll make it a word, dang it!), and the UI has been updated. The extra spit and polish in this version will be PlayStation exclusive.

The story sounds pretty good. After waking up with amnesia in a gothic mansion, a maid takes you through the centuries of history that have occurred there. Trying to recover your memories is a start, but you will see some horrible events and insanity as you visit these periods. It’s a visual novel, so my money’s on some bad things happened here story line.

This release of Fata is receiving the Star Wars treatment with multiple stories included. The House in Fata Morgana is considered “the main storyline”. The prequel A Requiem for Innocence gives you more background on the original story. Reincarnation is a sequel that will show all the characters in modern times.

Although the physical versions are the stars, there will be a digital version of the game. It will be $39.99 no matter which format you buy. The physical versions of the game will run you $49.99. These versions are truly limited with the PS4 having 2,000 copies and 2,300 for the PS Vita. If you are a person of expensive tastes, the collector’s edition will cost $84.99. It will contain the game, a soundtrack collection with 6 CDs, a 60 page artbook (10 x 17 size), and an 18 x 24 double sided poster.

The collector’s edition is limited to 1,000 copies per format, and it goes on sale May 31st in two batches. The first window to buy is open at 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT. The second window is 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT. You can buy as many copies as you like, and all sales are final. Any of the physical editions will not ship until July.

The release dates are all over the place. Physical editions will be playable sometime in July or August based on the shipping info. The PS Vita digital version will be available on May 28th, but the PS4 digital version will not available for purchase until June 11th.


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