Vambrace: Cold Soul Launches May 28


Headup and Devespresso Games are about to publish their turn-based fantasy epic Vambrace: Cold Soul on PC.

The city of Icenare used to be a great place before the King of Shades arrived. With his dark ice powers, he turned the great city into the domain of the undead. The survivors of the incident have no means of fighting the King to retake their city….until Evelia Lyric, wielder of the Witchbl…, Vambrace strolls into town.

Thanks to her weapon’s enchanted powers, Evelia is the only human who can enter Icenare in its current condition. She forms a posse of non-human yet helpful fighters and they prepare to rescue Icenare from eternal darkness. And as the player, this is where you come in.

  • Embark on an epic fantasy-adventure spanning 7 intriguing chapters
  • Complete sub-quests to unlock up to 26 new, thematic character skins
  • Assemble your party from 5 races and 10 unique classes of recruits
  • Craft items and armor from precious materials gathered on your trips that will unlock new skills and enhance stats
  • Make crucial decisions – one wrong turn can seal your party’s fate
  • Prepare well or condemn your comrades to permanent death
  • Find codex pages to expand upon the world’s history and mythical lore

Vambrace: Cold Soul will be out next Tuesday — May 28 — on Steam and GOG. A console release for the game is planned for later in the year. If you want to know more, check out Headup’s series of YouTube videos covering the story, combat, and secrets of Icenare.

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