There are no present plans to make the Division 2’s Dark Hours raid simpler


May perhaps 22, 2019 Ubisoft is open to generating the Division two raid simpler, but there are not any present plans to do it.

The Division 2’s 1st raid is difficult, and that is by style – Ubisoft desires the Dark Hours content material to be the ultimate challenge for players at the highest tier of content material. That stated, some players believe the challenging is just also considerably, in particular on console. Although the developers have stated they’re open to adjustments, in today’s State of the Game stream they’ve added that there are no present plans to tweak the difficulty.

“I’ve noticed people today take a message from Johan [Lindholm] saying ‘the door’s open for changes’ – we’re constantly open to adjustments,” neighborhood developer Chris Gansler says. “We know that the dev group is extremely passionate about the game. If the neighborhood is providing us the feedback that a thing is not how they like it, we’re not afraid to do adjustments.”

But Gansler says “at the moment, for the raid especially, we do not strategy any balance adjustments proper now.” On Computer, it took players just a touch more than 5 hours to comprehensive The Division 2’s 1st raid. More than on console, the globe 1st clear didn’t arrive for an additional 3 days.

In a current Reddit post, neighborhood manager Johan Lindholm told players that even though the endgame challenge was supposed to be difficult, difficulty “tweaks” could be on the way. Lindholm said that “the raid is extremely considerably developed to be the toughest challenge however in the history of the franchise.”

“It is constructed about the notion of a nicely-coordinated group with superior communications. That stated, raid difficulty is surely feedback that we have been seeking at given that the release of Dark Hours, and it is not outdoors the realm of possibility that tweaks will be created moving forward.”

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Although the 1st raid clear took a couple of hours on Computer, players have given that streamlined the procedure substantially, with a single Division two raid clear taking just more than 20 minutes. If adjustments for console make their way more than to Computer, I’d be worried that the complete procedure would start out to come to be trivial.

The present lack of in-game matchmaking for the raid is most likely to be contributing to console players’ woes. Ubisoft says the method is now on its way to the game, but players have had to come up with their personal procedures to guarantee they can correctly communicate with their squadmates.

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