Telltale Games titles are being delisted from GOG


PC games storefront GOG has announced that Telltale Games’ entire library will be delisted on May 27 as a result of the studio’s closure last year.

Eight series in all are affected by the delisting, including Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us, Batman titles, and Tales from the Borderlands.

GOG notes that the games will no longer be up for sale following that Monday deadline, but those that previously purchased any of those games will still be able to download them from GOG.

Tales from the Borderlands also vanished from Steam the same day as GOG’s announcement, and a comment given to Eurogamer by 2K Games says the Borderlands publisher is working to get that specific title back up on Steam.

No statement has been made on if the affected Telltale-published games will be pulled from other platforms like Steam or console storefronts as well, though it’s not unlikely that the same will happen on stores beyond just GOG. Several of Telltale’s games were already delisted from Steam back in November as the company began the liquidation process, including Jurassic Park, Tales of Monkey Island, and Back to the Future.


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