Tail ‘Gator Any% WR Speed Run 36:59 [edited]


Hey everyone James here (aka manovermars) and I’m pretty excited to share with everyone what I think is some cool news! As was mentioned in our Mitsume ga Tooru episode, I’ve started speed running games. Its something new I’m trying and it’s safe to say I’m addicted after earning my 1st World Record!

When I set out for the record it was held by a runner from Finland by the name of Knight with a time of 41:09 and I lowered it to 39:28, then lowered it to 38:14 and now I’ve lowered it once again to 36:59!

So Tail ‘Gator for the Nintendo Game Boy is a Natsume game published in 1991. I just happen to stubble upon one day while looking at my Instagram feed. It looked interesting so I checked it out in an emulator and ended up really like it…so much so that its all I’ve been playing…other than games for new episodes. I no longer play it on an emulator though. I have a Super Famicom with a Super Game Boy 2 and an actual Tail ‘Gator cart on a 13″ CRT TV.

Like I mentioned above, I have already lowered the record a third time. As of right now I am moving on to Mega Man: Dr. Wily’s Revenge on the Games Boy (after some casual streams) but plan on returning to Tail ‘Gator later and grinding it for better times. If you want to come check out the record improvement attempts come by my twitch channel at twitch.tv/manovermars and say hi! If you are interest in speed running or curious about records, check out speedrun.com to check out the leader boards!

Also keep you eye out for Bryan…we will probably be seeing a speed running record announcement pretty soon on our shared Twitch feed at twitch.tv/pixelatedaudio

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