Soko Banana Getting Physical NES Release


A couple months ago Popgeeks reported on the NESMaker Byte-Off Contest, in which retro programmers were given one month to put together a demo for the concept of a new Nintendo Entertainment System game, using the NESMaker software ($35 and worth every penny in our opinion).

One of the standout demos from the Byte-Off was Soko Banana, a puzzle game starring a monkey who has to push four blocks out of a building, one screen at a time. Soko Banana was one of the more polished submissions of the contest, with smooth physics, animations, catchy music AND the fact that block pushing mechanics are NOT built into the NESMaker software (meaning they had to be coded with raw ASM).

Soko Banana has grown since the demo was submitted, and developers Flip For Fate are now crowdfunding a physical release. Head to Kickstarter quickly because you won’t want to miss this one….and if you don’t believe the hype, there’s a new addicting demo to download there.

Pledge $5 and you’ll get a digital copy of the game when it’s finished. Pledging $21 gets you the digital copy and a T-shirt of its main character. The physical edition costs a $31 pledge, and the physical extras (the box, the manual, etc) bump it up to $47. The self-indulgent can splurge for the Collector’s Edition that contains everything from every previous tier plus a banana yellow cartridge.

The Soko Banana Kickstarter ends in 11 days. Don’t monkey around….secure your copy today.

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