‘Push:Block’ Complicates Issues With Text-Primarily based Block Pushing Puzzles


Push:Block puts you in a sticky predicament involving block puzzles and watermelon-smashing cultists. Except almost everything is all text-primarily based, producing block manipulation a tiny bit sillier.

You have somehow gotten oneself embroiled with a cult that has a issue about cudgeling watermelons. As to the motives for their hateful actions toward harmless fruit, there’s basically a surprisingly-deep lore buried amongst the game’s puzzles. Naturally, it is not pretty significant lore, taking you on a lighthearted story involving misguided people, the living dead, and the occasional sommelier. And fruit.

This journey by way of thirty stages may well have been a bit far more simple if it didn’t involve a text-primarily based dungeon-crawler-like interface. Rather than shoving blocks about, you will have to use text to turn your character about, find the blocks, and figure out exactly where they go. Preferably devoid of losing your bearings. The outcomes are a bit unwieldy, but hilarious as you struggle to chat your way by way of receiving a block in the suitable spot.

This ridiculous more than-complexity tends to make Push:Block into a downright goofy practical experience, specially when combined with its story of wacky cultists. The complete endeavor is just the suitable level of absurd that it functions really nicely, and provides a silly great time if you can handle to visualize its space in your thoughts. Plus, its message of friendship and neighborhood adds a additional good touch to the game, supplying a beautiful message as you support cultists find smash-capable fruit.

And attempt to hold out of problems with skeletons. Despite the fact that the undead will be the least of your worries if you can not stroll about a area appropriately.

Push:Block is playable for free of charge on Itch.io.


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