‘NEScape!’ Brings Escape Room Puzzles to the NES


Inspired by actual escape rooms, NEScape! has everything you’d have within a physical escape room – a timer, some random items in the room, and interesting puzzles to challenge you.

The game itself is an 8-bit escape room, packed with various different puzzles for you to solve. The game is meant to be hard and challenging, but you can grab a friend and play along with them, much like you would do a physical escape room. Seeing modern concepts turned into retro games is always super interesting. 

Retro consoles have a strong community around them, constantly collecting, playing, and showcasing their consoles. You might not think that there would be new physical games for retro consoles, but you’d be wrong. Developers are still, occasionally, creating new, never before played games for consoles like the Mega Drive, NES, and GameBoy. I’m not just talking about roms to emulate games either, but full-on cartridge games like you see with NEScape!.

NEScape! is one of these new games, appearing on Kickstarter to be funded into creation. The game itself is already completely made for the NES (and coded to use a SNES mouse if you would like too), offering multiple ways for you to tackle some challenging puzzles on the old gray box.

NEScape!‘s developers are currently raising funding to create cartridges, boxes, and manuals for the game on Kickstarter.


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