June 2019 Prediction Thread : PlayStationPlus


June’s games will likely be officially announced on May 29th and released on June 4th.

Please keep all relevant discussions on predictions and wishlists for next month’s IGC in this thread. Leaked news can be posted separately.

Correct Predictions List:

August 2018: /u/Montrea1er – Dead By Daylight and /u/surbhitl – Mafia III

September 2018: /u/Ultrafares and /u/LemmeWinbro – God of War III and /u/Aecesaje – QUBE: Director’s Cut

October 2018: /u/andy7050 and /u/the-ghost-gamer – Friday the 13th The Game

December 2018: /u/Aecesaje, /u/SpocktorWho83 and /u/Quality_Controller – Papers Please

January 2019: /u/FiskuPL, /u/Jaybo_567 – Steep

February 2019: /u/marcelonan, /u/Johnnybats330 – For Honor

May 2019: /u/agentjob, /u/jimboe123456 – Overcooked, /u/greg225 – What Remains of Edith Finch

If I missed you, please DM me! I try to read every comment but will inevitably miss some valid predictions.

Community Predictions

Which games are you predicting will show up this month? Previous IGC titles can be found in the wiki.

Valid predictions include:

Parent comments with a maximum of two predictions.

Posted or edited 48 hours before the announcement or a leak.

Any predictions that are changed after it's been added to the above list or not 
following the above points will not be included.


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