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It’s another, totally different, Wonder Boy remake 

Everyone loves The Dragon’s Trap, Lizardcube’s remake of Wonder Boy 3, and its sort of spiritual successor, Monster Boy. And now all the new fans get to learn firsthand how convoluted and messy the series is, thanks to Wonder Boy Returns Remix, out today on Switch eShop.

So this is not made by either Lizardcube or Game Atelier – or Sega, who originally published the Wonder Boy games. Instead, it’s from Korean publisher CFK, who previously released a version of this on PC and PS4.

Also, Wonder Boy 1 is nothing like Wonder Boy 3, in case you didn’t know: while Wonder Boy 3 is an action-adventure with transformations, upgrades, you know… RPG elements, the first Wonder Boy is an immediately post-Super Mario Bros. scrolling run-and-jump action game, with an emphasis on careful platforming and tricky enemy placements. Basically, if you’ve played Adventure Island, it’s that.

Because Adventure Island was also a remake of Wonder Boy.

This version sounds pretty rad, adding a charge shot and a new “easy mode” character (plus a character named “One Coin” to make it even more difficult). Original creator Ryuichi Nishizawa even contributed to the “remixed” game. 



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