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This portion of the guide explains how to avoid Hordes when you’re too weak and how to take on Hordes with tips and strategy in Days Gone.

See tips for fighting hordes straight from the Days Gone developers in the video above.

There aren’t full horde missions until the final third of the game, after riding South, but you’ll see a few hordes roaming around the open world well before this.

Still, you’re not strong enough to fight them until you learn how to craft napalm bombs. During missions like I’ve Picked Weeds Before / Give Me a Couple Days, just ride by quietly, get what you need, and drive off.

Using Nitro boosts is a great way to out drive these massive hordes. Be sure to upgrade your bike ASAP. This can be done at Copeland’s Camp, Iron Mike’s Camp, and Diamond Lake. Remember, those last two camps take a while to access. Be sure to check out Best Camps to Invest In for a stronger sense of what’s to come.

Hold off on fighting hordes until you have the throwables needed to take them on. There will be story missions involving hordes and plenty of Hordes to take down as optional extras.


  • Be prepared! Don’t just run into a horde on a whim.
  • Hordes are, more than anything, end-game challenges. After completing the story, all of their locations will be revealed on your map. However, you can check out our Interactive Map with Horde Locations if you’re eager to track them down now.
  • Use stealth as you plan your attack and put down your traps
  • Use the environment: explodable barrels, convenient trenches, and the safety of caves can all be used to your advantage to slowly pick-off this massive group of enemies.
  • Place traps before you alert the horde, and put them in bottleneck areas to get the most out of them.
  • Explosives are king. Make sure to craft plenty of Molotov Cocktails and Frag Grenades, and have lots of crafting materials on hand to make more.
  • Use Attractor Bombs to steer a chunk of the horde away from you.
  • Max out your Focus, and get Two Birds, One Bullet, Under Pressure, and Crowd Control, to maximize your ranged damage.
  • Also consider getting Hard Hitter and Home Run to increase melee damage.
  • With that in mind, you’ll still need a good melee weapon to make the most of these skills. Complete 29% of the Ambush Camp storyline to unlock the crafting recipe for the Baseball Bat Axe.


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