‘Heroine Anthem Zero’ from Winking Skywalker Entertainment Is Now Available on iOS after an Accidental Release a Few Months Ago – TouchArcade


Heroine Anthem Zero ($2.99) has had an interesting history on iOS. The fantasy adventure that saw its first episode release on PC before getting a PS4 port, actually released on iOS by accident a few months ago. Our old forum thread had a lot of positive impressions for the release that eventually turned into disappointment when the game was pulled. The sadness ended when an official release date was confirmed and Heroine Anthem Zero‘s first episode is now out on iOS as a premiu game. Watch a trailer for it below:

Heroine Anthem Zero in its current state includes episode 1 of what the developers call an epic adventure. It is a side scroller with a few control options and looks really nice in motion. The art also looks great so far and I’m on board with that soundtrack. Heroine Anthem Zero features Japanese voice acting only with a few subtitle options. When it comes to difficulty, you can play through on RELAX mode which is the easy story focussed mode or STANDARD mode which is challenging.

If you’re interested in getting it, you can buy Heroine Anthem Zero for just $2.99 on the App Store. I say “just” because it costs $9.99 on PC and $12.99 on PS4. It is also releasing on Switch later today and will be priced the same as the PS4 release. My only concern right now is the episodic nature because there is no mention of future episodes on the App Store description right now. Check out our new forum thread for today’s release here.


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