Dauntless launches on the Epic Games Shop, cross-platform


Lightweight and cartoony absolutely free-to-play Monster Hunter-alike Dauntless has produced the leap from a lengthy open beta to cross-platform launch currently. Releasing simultaneously on Computer, Xbox A single and PS4 (with a Switch version due later), players are absolutely free to use 1 account to play on all systems, and celebration up with men and women on other platforms. For us on Computer, the largest adjust is Phoenix Labs generating the quick hop onto the Epic Games Shop, exactly where Dauntless fits in fairly nicely alongside the similarly styled Fortnite. Beneath, a launch trailer.

It is telling that the pretty very first monster Dauntless asks players to hunt is an oversized beaver. It is admittedly the size of a substantial auto, with a tail capable of battering somebody to death, but it is not precisely the most intimidating of creatures. It also does not do pretty considerably harm when it hits the player, since as opposed to Monster Hunter, Dauntless is eager to ease players in with a minimum of discomfort, screaming and/or terror. Regardless of whether this sounds like a blessed relief or missing the point of monster hunting is up for debate, but that is how it performs. It is a clean, polished and accessible bit of style, arguably improved played with mouse and keyboard than gamepad.

Dauntless is a quicker, a lot more slight beast compared to Monster Hunter: Globe, and far significantly less ferocious than the huge prior generation of Monster Hunter games. It does not take as well considerably work to bop the monsters you are right after (there are only about twenty sorts) and craft it into the armour and weaponry you want. It is a game exactly where you can log on rapidly, jump into a matchmade session with a handful of other players and go bother a major beaver. It is Monster Hunter for pretty busy men and women, probably, or these who want to play it as a pure energy fantasy rather of a lengthy, bloody climb.

Whilst the hunts in the game are gentle compared to the competitors, there’s nevertheless a lot of lengthy-term progression possibilities. Optional objectives per monster and weapon form are tracked with their personal rewards, and there’s a ‘Hunt Pass’ seasonal progression track in the vein of Fortnite/Rocket League/Apex Legends and other folks. There’s a absolutely free track that mainly provides a lot more sensible rewards, but players can place income down for access to a second tier, mainly cosmetic. Today’s launch marks the begin of today’s season, which is ninja-themed. For these worried about obtaining to spend income to delight in Dauntless, do not be. You just will not be wearing this season’s hottest appears.

Dauntless is out now and absolutely free-to-play. You can study a lot more on the game’s official web page (which includes particulars on the Hunt Pass right here), or grab it on the Epic Games Shop. Beta players will be offered the alternative to transfer their account more than to Epic when logging in for the very first time.


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