Cyberpunk Puzzle Game Hyperforma Will Hit Nintendo Switch Sometime in 2019


Nord Unit and HeroCraft are bringing cyberpunk iOS puzzle game Hyperforma to Nintendo Switch with a lot of new features in 2019.

Developers Nord Unit and HeroCraft first released cyberpunk puzzle game Hyperforma for iOS in early 2018 and it is coming to Nintendo Switch this year. While being a mobile port may automatically dissuade some people, it is an interesting and eye catching puzzle games that is actually adding a lot of features for its Nintendo Switch release. You can check out the announcement trailer for the Switch port below:

For those of you who haven’t heard of Hyperforma, it is a puzzle game that has players exploring a long-abandoned cyberspace 256 years after the past civilization disappeared. Hacking is showcased in a colorful way that pops visually, which makes the game stand out from the usual mobile game fair. It even ended up winning several mobile game related awards last year, so Hyperforma is clearly a title appreciated within that gaming community.

As I mentioned, the Nintendo Switch version of Hyperforma seems to be coming with a lot of notable features that tailor it to the hybrid console, unlike some Switch mobile ports. Unlike the iOS version of the game, Hyperforma for Nintendo Switch will feature a new UI, better color grading for some of the puzzles, HD Rumble and gryoscope support, and a 2-player mode. If the premise and trailer above seem interesting to you, the Nintendo Switch version seems like it will be the best one pick up.

Some screenshots of the game running on Nintendo Switch were released today as well so you can see those below. Hyperforma is available for iOS right now, but will also be available on Nintendo Switch later in the year.


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