CoD 2019 is NOT called MW4, Campaign similar to No Russian


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Gaming INTEL has received exclusive information which suggests Call of Duty 2019 is NOT titled MW4, but will still be a new Modern Warfare game. The source also mentions that the Campaign will be similar to the infamous No Russian mission and will have modern day terrorism.

For full transparency, this rumor is courtesy of an anonymous source, code named NoRussian657 who hasn’t yet been tested.

This is extremely interesting information but we stress we remain skeptical, it directly contradicts previous sources. However, the way we received this information with a reveal so close; we believe it is important to publish as a speculative rumor. If this turns out to be legitimate we have been promised more exclusive information from this source within the foreseeable future. With the first teaser and reveal touted to be coming soon, we won’t have to wait long to find out whether this is true or false.

Campaign similar to No Russian, Modern Day Terrorism

Earlier this year, Activision confirmed during their investor call that Call of Duty 2019 will have a campaign. This put many minds to rest following the release of Black Ops 4, after the game featured no Campaign.

According to our source, the next Modern Warfare game will have a campaign similar to No Russian, an extremely controversial mission which featured in MW2. If this turns out to be legitimate, this will undoubtedly be a surprise to many.

The untested source also mentioned that modern day terrorism would be featured within the Call of Duty 2019 campaign.

New Modern Warfare Game in 2019, Not Titled MW4

Call of Duty 2019 will be a new Modern Warfare game, yet won’t be titled MW4, according to our untested source. Gaming INTEL previously leaked back in May 2018 that a new Modern Warfare game was on the horizon, however it appears as though it will not be the name many presumed.

This could be the case for a variety of reasons, one being a change of plan from Activision, as seen recently with Call of Duty 2020.

Call of Duty 2019 Reveal Coming Very Soon

Our source also mentioned that the Call of Duty 2019 reveal would be coming “very soon.” While MW2 was revealed on May 22nd and MW3 was showcased on May 23rd, many have assumed that the next Modern Warfare title will be revealed tomorrow. Our exclusive source could not provide further information on this, however.

Either way, one thing which is for certain is that a host of YouTubers, predominantly known within the CoD community, have recently been flown out to LA by Activision, suggesting an important event is incoming. The upcoming Modern Warfare sequel will most likely be revealed prior to E3 2019.

Once again we stress we remain skeptical due to conflicting sources but if plans have changed at Activision / Infinity Ward since last year, NoRussian657 will be proven reliable with far more information to provide. Stay tuned. If this is legitimate, we will be posting more exclusive information in the future, as promised by our source.

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Source: NoRussian657

Expected Announcement: May 2019

Comments: Untested Source… More exclusive information promised once / if proven legitimate.


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