‘#Blud’ Offers Vampire Battles With a Lovely Cartoon Style


A teenage field hockey player will be hand-chopping monsters and demons throughout her sleepy (but vibrantly animated) town in hack and slasher #Blud.

Becky Brewster is a busy teenager with a hectic sports schedule, but when monsters start taking over her town and the people in it, she’ll need to put her muscles to different work. Not much seems to frighten the young woman, either. No weapon? She will literally just chop demons to pieces with her hands. Honestly, these monsters really don’t know who they’re messing with, here.

Even in this early stage, Becky’s journey through school and the town’s surroundings just looks incredible with its fluid movement and goofy characters. If you’re feeling a connection to Saturday morning cartoons, you should. Developer Exit 73 is an animation studio that originally created #Blud as a short, but have since teamed up with some programmers to turn the concept into a game. The short also might offer a bit of an explanation of Becky’s monster-fighting skills (this Brewster used to be a Belmont).

While we don’t know much about it so far, #Blud shows off a familiar top-down style that will have you hand-chopping beasts, throwing lethal pencils, and likely finding weapons better befitting Becky’s hockey skills. Is hitting pucks kind of the same as clobbering bat-like monsters, or a teacher that seems to have an uncomfortable amount of tentacles coming out of them, though? I’m not super sure.

#Blud is currently in development, but in the meantime, you can follow its creation on the game’s site.


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