Battlefield 5’s “Pit Crew” Skins Now Only Obtainable By Microtransactions, Not In-game Currency


Some people are upset about the move.

battlefield 5

Not too long ago Battlefield V got an addition among its many updates to be able to buy things with premium currency, only available through buying with real world money. By and large there wasn’t a huge fuss since the overall method seemed pretty tame and nothing outside the ordinary. Things have potentially changed, though, as a popular skin set has been pulled from in-game currency, and can only be bought via microstransactions.

The skins in question are called “Pit Crew,” and were available all the way back at launch last year. They were pulled, and then relisted with only the availability to purchase with Boins (Battlefield Coins), the game’s new premium MTX currency. You can see the post pointing that out at the game’s Reddit page. The Reddit’s community manager has commented on the incident saying he’s unsure what happened with it, so there’s no comment on why this occurred or whether it will be a normal thing going forward at this time.

Battlefield V is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can check out our take on the game here.


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