Apex Legends Dev Solves Mystery Of Glitched Lobby Area


Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends is different from all the other free-to-play battle royale games in many ways, one of which is the lack of a lobby area.

Usually in a matchmaking game like this, players will have to wait around in the lobby for a few seconds, being able to run and jump as they wait out the loading time, but Apex has no such waiting room.

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

However, some eagle-eyed players noticed a glitch that led them to believe a lobby was on the cards in a future update.

In a post on Reddit, one Apex player shared the following image along with the caption: “That’s how the lobby looks like when we select legends.”

In the image, you can see how the game has glitched to reveal what distinctly looks like a lobby area.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment/u/Avi304

Responding to the image, one user commented: “I wonder if originally they were going to have a waiting room like other BRs where you jump around mindlessly waiting for lobby to fill and it was going to be the gun range to practice shooting before the game starts.”

A Respawn developer then jumped in on the thread, confirming that yes, there was going to be a lobby but the idea was scrapped.

glutinousriceball writes: “Yep, we had a waiting room. But just before release, we had gotten load times down so low that the waiting room became unnecessary. So we had to cut it.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

glutinousriceball also went on to confirm that the scrapped lobby is “the same room you see in training. So you start in a little cave and then you head out and slide down to the target range.”

In the cave you’d be able to “pick up the guns from the rack (like in training) [but] you couldn’t hurt other players though.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

So there you have it – don’t expect a lobby coming to Apex Legends anytime soon!

Featured Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment


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