Grid Pix by Carleton Handley, coming soon to your C64.


Grid Pix by Carleton Handley, coming soon to your C64.

Popularised in 1995 by Nintendo, ‘Nonogram’ or ‘Picross’ games (picture crosswords) for the Game Boy and Super Famicom gained cult following, especially in Japan. With new versions and creations on mobile platforms in recent times, these games remain a popular game genre still to this day.

While the popularity is clearly evident with Nintendo game players, the style has not been taken up in any great numbers on old retro platforms such as the C64. There have been a few – such as Oziphantom’s 4KB ‘Picross’ game back in 2016, an unfinished C64 port of CEZ’s ‘Illogical’ out there somewhere and the 16K RGCD game entry of Carl-Henrik’s, ‘Nono Pixie’. After 28 years in the C64 coding wilderness, coder, Carleton Handley has got back into the 8-bit coding groove.  He has teamed up with Exeter based software publisher / developer RGCD, to bring his new picture puzzle game ‘Grid Pix’, to a commercial release on the C64. How does it compare to the Picross games of the Gameboy from the past? RGCD says “It’s very similar – it was built to use the Mario Picross puzzles originally! Grid Pix has 100 new puzzles, with a password and cart-save feature, plus we already have a free dlc pack of 100 more puzzles. You run the game on cart, press a key and it loads 100 puzzles into ram from disk.”

Grid Pix was first shown in February, 2019, at the GAME>PLAY festival in Exeter. Since then additions have been made to the game in preparation for its official release date. Two additional soundtrack options have been included, Ste Pickford has been commissioned to produce a fantastic cover art for the game and there has been some tweaking and refining of the game which RGCD are now able to announce they are nearing the finish line for the release of the game. “Pretty much everything is done except the manual. ‘Summer 2019’, is what we are looking for a release date, as there are a few other things in the pipeline too”, RGCD informs me.

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